GetMyTicket – by Peddireddi Store & Services UG

Terms & Conditions

  1. Exhibitor Rules & Conditions

    1. All exhibitors have option to submit the movie posters and our team will work in integrating the movie show in the website.

      1. We request to provide the seat plan, Row wise prices if any, show timings, contact info and email address and all necessary info for integrating the show.

    2. From GetMyTicket, we are only responsible for adding the seat booking and show information as provided and we are not responsible for any issues related to theatre, seat layout (any changes after submission) and all issues related to movie where the Exhibitor is Solo Responsible

  2. Price and Payment System

    1. From GetMyTicket, we charge a basic fee from Exhibitor as a maintenance fee to add movie shows to the website and providing Seat Booking Interface.

    2. As a part of our interface, we deal with multiple payment systems where our interface will charge additional fee per ticket to the customer (which include processing fee, etc). This ensures the Exhibitor receives the valid ticket amount as requested.

    3. Our Payment system includes multiple options.

      1. Using GetMyTicket Payment System

        1. Where we collect all the money received and transfer it to the given account details

        2. We take responsibility of automation of seat booking, blocking and releasing if payment not done in time

      2. Using Exhibitor Payment System – we also provide option where all the ticket booking money is generated to the Exhibitor account directly

        1. Where the money is received to your defined accounts like Paypal, Bank Account, Etc

        2. This feature, however, needs a manual verification from the Exhibitor to check the payments and release the blocked seats if the payment is not received.

  3. Seat Management System

    1. We provide interface for the movies and shows with seat selection, blocking for few minutes and release the blocked seats.

    2. Our advanced system helps in tracking various payment systems to track and update the seat selection process.

    3. The Seat System is planned based on the inputs from Exhibitor and need to be reviewed in advance.

  4. Taxing Process

    1. GetMyTicket, which is operated by Peddireddi Store & Servies UG and only responsible for taxes on the maintenance fee charged for the adding and supporting the Movie shows in the website.

    2. All Mwst (if applicable) for tickets sold in GetMyTicket websites, Exhibitors are response for Mwst (If applicable) for the ticket received/Sold.