VVS Gingelly Oil (Sesame Oil) Cold Pressed 500ml

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Cold pressed Sesame Oil (Gingelly Oil) :


VVS Classic Chekku Oil (Traditionally cold pressed sesame oil / Nallennai) has an exclusive smooth flavour and aroma. Classic Chekku nallennai has tremendous antioxidant properties and is perfect for tempering of poriyals and chutneys. This is due to the traditional heat-less extraction process that we use, compared to the other commercial refined oil extraction processes. Our VVS Chekku Nallennai has a very strong taste, so a little goes a long way. This makes it the right fit for everyday cooking. Therefore, VVS Classic Chekku oil is less pungent and so smooth that it is the “GOLD” standard for cold pressed sesame oil / Nallennai.